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No-Sew Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Turn small bits of fabric into fashion-forward Christmas tree ornaments or gift toppers in just a few steps — no sewing skills required.

H. Camille Smith
No-Sew Fabric Christmas Ornament as a Gift Topper H. Camille Smith

Materials Needed:

  • 2 coordinating fabrics
  • fusible web (Wonder Under)
  • sharp scissors
  • iron
  • ribbon

Trace Pattern Onto Fabric

Print template and cut out ornaments you want to use. Tip: Enlarge patterns or cut outside the printed lines to create bigger ornaments. Trace pattern onto front of fabric using a pencil or chalk. Cut out the area of fabric around the traced shape — but don't worry about cutting out the actual ornament at this point.

Tracing Around Ornament Pattern

Layer and Fuse Fabrics

Cut a piece of fusible web that's approximately the same size as your fabric. Flip fabric over, place fusible web glue-side-down (has a slightly shiny, rough texture) and press for 5 to 8 seconds with a hot, dry iron (Image 1). Allow to cool, then peel off the paper backing — your fabric now has an adhesive side and can be applied to another piece of fabric. Place fabric glue-side-down onto the back side of coordinating fabric then fuse the two layers together by pressing again with the iron (Image 2).

  • Iron Fusing Webbing Onto Back of Fabric
  • Fusing Fabrics Together With Fusible Web

Cut Out and Embellish

Use sharp scissors to cut along traced pencil lines (Image 1). Embellish your ornament by adding a small amount of glue then attaching pom-poms, sequins or upholstery trim (Images 2 and 3). Use a hole punch or nail to create a small hole in the ornament's top then thread through ribbon for hanging (Image 4).

  • Cutting Out Ornament
  • Adding Glue to No-Sew Ornament
  • Fabric Ornament With Pom-Pom
  • Punching Hole in Fabric Ornament
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