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How to Make a No-Sew Monogrammed Table Runner

Designer Casey Noble dresses up a holiday table with a homemade monogrammed table runner made with simple sewing supplies and paint.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions

Materials Needed:

  • fabric by the yard
  • measuring tape
  • fabric scissors
  • iron-on adhesive tape
  • iron
  • black binding tape
  • acrylic or latex paint
  • foam paintbrush
  • monogram stencil
  • painter's tape

Measure and Cut Fabric

First, measure the length, width and thickness of the table. Based on these dimensions, pick up the appropriate yardage of fabric to cover the table length-wise, also taking into consideration an additional 32 inches of length to account for proper overhang (16 inches on each side of the runner). Divide the width of the table by three, then refer to this measurement as the proper width for the runner. Next, cut fabric to size with fabric scissors.

Measure and Cut Binding Tape

To give the runner a crisp, tailored touch, add binding tape along the edges to create a border. First, measure two strips of binding tape to the width of the runner and two strips to the length of the runner, then cut the edges at a 45-degree angle with fabric scissors, creating mitered corners.

Attach Binding Tape

Once all four strips of binding tape are cut to size and mitered, add iron-on adhesive tape between each strip of tape and the edges of the runner itself. Next, fuse the binding tape to the edges of the runner with an iron.

Wrap Binding Tape to Back

In order to create the look of a perfect line around the edges of the runner, wrap the binding tape around the edges, then along the back, securing it in place with an iron and iron-on adhesive tape.

Paint Stencil

In a well-ventilated area and along a flat, level surface, place monogram stencil approximately 6 inches up from each of the two ends of the runner. Hold stencil in place by hand or with painter's tape, then use foam brush to apply paint.

Remove Wrinkles and Display

After stencil has thoroughly dried, remove any wrinkles from the runner using iron. Once ironed, your runner is ready to be displayed on the table all season long.

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