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How to Make a Carnation Snowman Centerpiece

Bring a whimsical touch to your holiday tablescape with a lush snowman made from white carnations and playful embellishments.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions

Materials Needed:

  • one 8-inch floral foam sphere
  • one 6-inch floral foam sphere
  • one 4-inch floral foam sphere
  • 50 single-stem white carnations
  • 30 single-stem white mini carnations
  • pack of wooden skewers
  • one 12-inch-long wooden dowel, 1/4" diameter
  • floral wire
  • scissors or floral shears
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • extension cord
  • roll of kraft paper
  • spool of 2-inch ribbon
  • kitchen knife
  • carrot
  • black buttons
  • small doll's top hat

Prep Floral Spheres

Use kitchen knife to flatten the bottom of the 8-inch floral sphere. This will allow it to sit flush along a tabletop surface. Place floral spheres in sink, then use faucet to run water onto them until completely soaked. The spheres will soak up water and keep stems of flowers hydrated once inserted.

Cut Stems to Size

Unfurl roll of kraft paper onto flat, level work surface for protection. Next, separate full-sized carnations from baby carnations, then lay out on kraft paper. Use scissors to cut stem of each flower down to two inches, placing scissors at an angle so stems will absorb more water.

Stack Bottom and Middle Spheres

Place middle sphere (6 inch) on top of bottom sphere (8 inch) to get the proper sense of scale for the snowman. The weight of the water will keep the middle sphere secure atop the bottom sphere until step 4.

Stack Top Sphere and Add Dowel

Insert dowel through top of middle sphere, then down into the bottom of the bottom sphere. Next, place the top sphere (4 inch) onto the exposed top edge of the dowel, securing it in place.

Fan Out Petals

Prior to covering spheres with carnations, use fingers to fan out petals until they appear full. This will ensure a more abundant look once all carnations are inserted in spheres.

Cover Bottom Sphere

Starting along the bottom edge of the bottom sphere, insert carnations into foam, leaving two inches of space between each flower, slightly overlapping petals until sphere is completely concealed.

Cover Middle and Top Spheres

Once bottom sphere is completely covered in carnations, insert mini carnations around middle and top spheres, leaving 3/4 of an inch space between each flower, slightly overlapping petals so spheres are completely concealed.

Add Arms

Cut twigs to approximately eight inches in length with scissors, then insert them into each side of the center sphere for use as arms.

Add Buttons

Cut wooden skewers down to six inches in length. Use glue gun to attach buttons to wooden skewers. Next, insert button-covered skewers into the center of the bottom and middle spheres. Lastly, insert two button-covered skewers into the top sphere as eyes.

Add Carrot Nose

Snap or cut carrot down to four inches in length, then insert six-inch skewer into carrot. Place carrot into center of top sphere for use as a nose.

Add Scarf

Once all buttons and nose are in place, tie a ribbon between the middle and top sphere for use as a scarf.

Add Top Hat

Use hot glue gun to secure wooden skewer inside a doll-sized top hat. Place hat on top of the 4-inch sphere until securely held in place with attached skewer.

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