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Make Easy-to-Store Holiday Yard Reindeer

Spice up your curb appeal for the holidays with designer Dan Faires' colorful, overscaled plywood yard decorations that pack flat for easy, year-round storage.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions

Materials Needed:

  • 1 sheet of 4X8' pressure-treated plywood per reindeer
  • jigsaw
  • pencil
  • drill
  • 1/2" exterior screws
  • quart of exterior latex paint in semigloss finish
  • roller handle and sleeve
  • paint pan
  • angled paintbrush
  • drop cloth

Freehand Reindeer Body Silhouettes

Lay 4X8' sheet of pressure-treated plywood on a flat, level surface. Use pencil to trace a freehanded silhouette of a reindeer body and head. Note: For the most impact, create three different reindeer body silhouettes in different sizes.

Cut Out Body Panels

Using jigsaw, cut reindeer body silhouettes out from plywood, using the freehanded lines as a guide.

Freehand and Cut Antler Panels

Use pencil to freehand outline of antlers to pressure-treated plywood. Next cut antlers out from plywood using jigsaw.

Freehand and Cut Leg Panels

Freehand U-shaped legs directly to plywood using pencil. Use jigsaw to cut legs from plywood.

Add Notches to Body Panels

Trace 1/2"-wide by 6"-tall notch along the bottom of the plywood reindeer body, approximately 10 inches in from each of the two outside edges, using pencil. Use jigsaw to remove wood, creating notch.

Attach Antlers

Attach antlers to the top of the reindeer head with drill and exterior screws.

Assemble Reindeer

Once paint is dry to the touch, fit body panels to leg panels.

Add Paint

Lay drop cloth out along a long, flat surface with plywood lying on top. Using paint roller, cover entire front and back surface of each panel with two coats of paint, allowing one hour dry time between coats. Next add paint to the sides of each panel with angled paintbrush.

Storing the Reindeer

When the holidays are over, simply remove the leg panels from the bodies and store flat until next year.

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