Dress Up Trees With Moravian Stars

Designer Dan Faires adds holiday magic to a yard with plug-in Moravian stars displayed throughout exterior trees.

Magical Moravian Stars

To dress up your front yard trees you'll need: plastic or metal exterior plug-in Moravian stars; black zip ties; one 12' exterior extension cord for each Moravian star; one or two 75' grounded exterior extension cord per tree; a ladder; a camera; paper; and a pencil.

Create an Installation Plan

Snap a digital photo of the tree best fit for the Moravian star makeover. Tip: Take the photo from the street to determine the proper installation plan which will make the biggest impact from far away.

Sketch Placement

On a piece of paper, sketch overall placement of Moravian stars as they will appear once suspended from the tree.

Hang Moravian Stars

Use ladder to reach branches and install each Moravian star in its intended position by wrapping the attached cord around each branch.

Add and Secure Extension Cords

Plug each Moravian star into extension cords, securing each cord to branches with zip ties. Note: To avoid overloading a power source, limit six 12' extension cords to every one 75' extension cord.

Connect Cords Together

Once all Moravian stars are secured to branches with 12' extension cords and zip ties, plug groupings of six 12' cords into 75' cords.

You're Finished!

As soon as night falls, turn on your Moravian stars and watch your tree light up the yard.

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