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Give Your Mailbox a Festive Holiday Makeover

To make a playful curbside statement during the holidays designer Dan Faires transforms a mailbox into a rustic rope-covered reindeer.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions

Materials Needed:

  • small handsaw or heavy-duty pruning shears
  • small white twinkle lights
  • extension cord
  • natural sisal rope, 1/2-inch diameter, 200 feet
  • 2x3" diameter slice of tree limb
  • 3" diameter foam ball
  • branches for antlers, at least 1/2" diameter
  • red acrylic yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • marker
  • white acrylic paint
  • paintbrush
  • 2" exterior wood screws
  • screw gun

Gather Branches

Search yard for fallen branches at least 1/2 inch in diameter. The width of the branches should be substantial enough to read as antlers from the street.

Mark Branches

Hold branches up to the mailbox post and position branch until it has the proper shaping and positioning to read as antlers. Make a mark using marker directly onto the branch. Cut away any excess from branch with small handsaw or heavy-duty pruning shears.

Pre-Drill Holes Into Branches

Use drill to create a pilot hole directly into mark.

Attach Branches to Post

Hold branches up to mailbox post, then use drill and wood screws to fasten branches securely.

Add Twinkle Lights

Once antlers are in place, wrap them with twinkle lights, then run an extension cord down the back of the post, and through a predetermined route through the yard to the nearest exterior power source. Note: The cord will eventually be hidden from view once rope is added to post.

Secure End of Rope

With 200 feet of 1/2-inch diameter sisal rope nearby, unfurl a small portion of rope, then create a knot at the very bottom of the mailbox post. Add wood screw directly through the end of the rope and into mailbox post with screw gun, securing it tightly in place.

Wrap With Rope

Unfurl remainder of sisal rope from spool, keeping each rung tight against those above and below it. Once you reach the actual mailbox, continue to wrap up and around its sides, but leave the front of the mailbox door exposed.

Add Hot Glue

While wrapping sisal rope at the area where the post meets the mailbox, it's likely that some of the rope will become unruly. If so, use hot glue gun to secure several rungs of rope together, keeping them from moving around.

Create a Knot

Once mailbox is completely wrapped, tuck sisal rope along bottom of mailbox, then create a tight top knot.

Add Eyes

Use a handsaw to cut firewood or birch log into two 1/4-inch slices. Paint slices with white exterior paint, then use marker to add a small dot as the pupil. Fasten eyes to sides of mailbox with hot glue gun.

Add Nose

Wrap 3-inch foam ball with red acrylic yarn, creating several layers until the white foam is completely hidden from view. Secure yarn to foam ball with hot glue gun. Next, add nose to the top of the mailbox door with hot glue.

Finishing Touches

Add festive embellishments, like a red Santa Claus hat or knitted scarf, to give the reindeer a more playful look. During the day and night, your mailbox will be a showstopper.

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