How to Make a Fruit-Filled Ice Wreath

Celebrate winter and the holiday season with a frozen fruit-filled wreath. All you need are an assortment of natural materials, a Bundt cake pan and a freezer.

Make a Winter Ice Wreath

Try a new kind of holiday wreath this year. Use all-natural materials found around the kitchen and yard to form an icy decorative element for an outdoor space. To make this wreath you'll need: a Bundt cake pan; tree cuttings; berries; pine fronds; dried flowers; ribbon; a freezer; water; a penny nail; and a hammer.

Gather Decorations

Grab an assortment of different organic materials from the yard and kitchen including tree cuttings, pine fronds, dried flowers, berries and small fruits.

Layer Decorations Into Pan

Add organic materials into a Bundt cake pan, evenly spreading them around.

Add Water and Freeze

Add one inch of water into the Bundt cake pan, place in the freezer and allow water to freeze for at least two hours.

Add Final Layers

Every two hours, remove the Bundt cake pan from the freezer, add another layer of objects and one inch of water, then allow to freeze for at least two more hours. Repeat until entire thickness of Bundt cake pan is filled.

Add Ribbon

Once final layer has frozen, remove frozen wreath and tie a ribbon around the top. Add penny nail to a door or wall and hang.

You're Finished!

Hang your wreath outdoors where it can easily melt. Once the wreath is completely melted, the fruit and berries will be ideal winter food for small animals. Tip: To make the wreath last longer, hang it on the north side of your home.

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