All-Natural Holiday Porch Decorating Ideas

Designer Dan Faires dresses up the front porch and creates a classic holiday entrance using fresh greenery, all-natural materials and a traditional color palette.

  • Dress Up Your Outdoor Space for Christmas

    From tree cuttings used around the door to decorations made from cranberries and burlap, this front porch is packed with all-natural holiday style.

  • Go Square

    Holiday guests are greeted with a square tree-cutting wreath hung on the front door. To make your own, clip Christmas tree branches using floral shears, then wrap the cuttings around a square foam wreath form and attach with twine. To create the heart, spray-paint twigs red and attach to the wreath form with twine.

  • Add Splashes of Color

    To add graphic shapes as well as color and texture to the entry, lanyards were made using felt, strands of burlap and thick card stock. First, make a template by tracing the shape of a silhouette to acetate or thick paper, then cut out with a utility knife. Next, trace the template directly to sheets of felt, then cut out with scissors. To add structure and keep the felt snowflakes from curling up, cut card stock with the template, then add to the back of each felt snowflake using a hot glue gun. Lastly, cut strips of burlap and attach snowflakes with glue.

  • Layer Up

    To help frame the arched window above the door, a bundle of pine sprigs was attached to the exterior with lightweight picture nails. Drastically darker in tone than the tree-trimming wreath, the different greens add a layered effect to the entry.

  • Create an All-Natural Ambiance

    To add a twinkling light effect around the entry, a birch log was cut down into groupings of luminaries. First, cut a birch log into five different lengths with a circular saw. Next, drill holes inside the tops of each log and place battery-operated votives inside. At night, the votives will cast a twinkling glow into the logs.

  • Use a Tree Alternative

    Rather than using Christmas trees, the front entrance is flanked by a pair of lush boxwood topiaries which lay the foundation for the green, red and white color scheme.

  • Dress With Delectable Accents

    Instead of dressing the topiaries with twinkle lights, a more organic approach was taken with garland made from candied cranberries and burlap ribbon.

  • Make Everyday Items Seasonal

    One of the easiest and most effective ways to add holiday charm to any furnished space is with throw pillows and blankets. By simply adding red linen pillows and red-and-white striped fleece blankets to the year-round rocking chairs, they instantly take on a seasonal vibe.

  • Insert Holiday Flair

    This year-round dining set was updated with holiday style thanks to comfy throw pillows and table settings featuring red and neutral tones. To add a touch of holiday flair overhead, a do-it-yourself chandelier was made from rustic wood, rope and Mason jars. Get step-by-step instructions.

  • Add Winter Touches

    To bring the same rustic appeal seen in the chandelier to the table below, antlers were incorporated into the tabletop decor.

  • Get Creative

    Add a touch of whimsy to your front steps with a grouping of boots used as vessels for greenery. Here, red rain boots used in multiples create a striking focal point. A similar approach can be taken using weathered boots in different finishes.

  • Be Whimsical

    A side door off the porch is dressed with a wreath alternative made from rope, ribbon and wire. To create this, shape the rope into letters spelling out \"Fa La La,\" then intertwine bailing wire between each strand of rope to structure the letters. Next, tie ribbon to each rope letter and suspend over the door top.

  • Create Rustic Decor

    Add wow factor with rustic flair by making a North Star from yardsticks and twine. This star was made by spray-painting five wooden yardsticks matte black, then attaching to one another in a star formation. Shaped twigs and twinkle lights add layers of texture and whimsy. Get step-by-step instructions.

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