10 Unexpected Ways to Use Holiday Wreaths

Year after year wreaths are routinely placed on the front door for the holidays. Why not try something new this year? From snowman sculptures to clock frames, designer Dan Faires shares 10 unexpected ways to use holiday wreaths.

Wreath Turned Plant Stand

While plant saucers are essential for proper drainage, they can sometimes become eyesores. Use an evergreen wreath around the base of a planter to add a touch of holiday style while helping conceal the saucer.

Wreath Turned Mobile

First, attach rope to three or four evenly spaced points along the wreath. Depending on how low the wreath is meant to hang, cut the rope to size, then attach to the ceiling or outside beam. Add decoration around the top of the wreath and suspend embellishments from the bottom for a layered effect.

Wreath Turned Snowman Door Sculpture

When used in multiples with a range of sizes, wreaths can make excellent wall or door sculptures. To create a snowman sculpture, pick up one large, one medium and one small wreath. Attach all three wreaths to one another with twine or decorative ribbon. Next, secure the grouping of wreaths to the front of a door with self-adhesive plastic hooks or over the door with a wreath hanger. For wall applications, use picture nails around the top of each of the three wreaths, then secure to the wall with hammer.

Wreath Turned Tabletop Display

Small wreaths are great for filling multitiered cake stands with texture, color and pattern, resulting in the look of a tabletop sculpture. For a touch of ambiance, consider using bottom tiers solely for wreaths, and then use the top wreath for holding candles.

Wreath Turned Candle Charger

Dress up hurricanes or pillar candles with miniature wreaths used as chargers. The key to achieving the proper look is a snug fit. First, pick up pillar candles or hurricanes, then based on the diameter, choose a wreath with an inside opening no more than 1/4-inch larger than the diameter of the hurricane or pillar candle.

Wreath Turned Snowman Yard Sculpture

Trios of various-sized wreaths can be used to create snowman yard sculptures, too. To create this look you'll need three wreaths slightly ranging in diameter as well as a wooden stake on which to attach them. First, have 1x2-inch pressure-treated lumber cut approximately eight inches longer than the finished height of the three stacked wreaths. Stake the lumber into the ground using a rubber mallet or hammer, then secure each of the wreaths to the lumber using a drill and exterior screws. Place each wreath onto each screw, then dress up the snowman with accessories to achieve a festive, holiday look.

Wreath Turned Clock Frame

Wreaths are an excellent way to add seasonal flair to everyday items. Give wall clocks a holiday touch by covering the frames with evergreen wreaths. Since the wreath is meant to be the star of the show, simple clocks picked up from discount stores work perfectly.

Wreath Turned Bird Perch

Trees may not be the first places homeowners think of hanging holiday wreaths, but in this natural setting they can serve triple duty as yard decorations, wind chimes and bird perches. Pick up a twig wreath and crafting bells from the craft store. Attach bells around the perimeter of the wreath with fishing wire or twine, then suspend the wreath from a branch with rope. Sprinkle some bird seed onto the wreath to attract birds throughout the season.

Wreath Turned Centerpiece

Wreaths are excellent sources for adding color and texture to holiday tablescapes. Consider placing vessels inside coordinated wreaths for added layers of visual interest throughout the table. Here, a dessert is elevated to new heights with a twig and berry wreath placed around its vessel.

Wreath Turned Mirror Frame

Give basic round mirrors a holiday update using wreaths as frames. Pick up an unframed beveled edge mirror from the home improvement store, then search for a wreath with the same diameter. Secure the wreath directly to the face of the mirror with liquid bonding adhesive, then hang indoors or outdoors for holiday flair.

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