10 Unexpected Ways to Use Holiday Wreaths

Year after year wreaths are routinely placed on the front door for the holidays. Why not try something new this year? From snowman sculptures to clock frames, designer Dan Faires shares 10 unexpected ways to use holiday wreaths.

Wreath Turned Snowman Yard Sculpture

Trios of various-sized wreaths can be used to create snowman yard sculptures, too. To create this look you'll need three wreaths slightly ranging in diameter as well as a wooden stake on which to attach them. First, have 1x2-inch pressure-treated lumber cut approximately eight inches longer than the finished height of the three stacked wreaths. Stake the lumber into the ground using a rubber mallet or hammer, then secure each of the wreaths to the lumber using a drill and exterior screws. Place each wreath onto each screw, then dress up the snowman with accessories to achieve a festive, holiday look.

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