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Dress Up Windows With Tree Cuttings and Ornaments

Designer Dan Faires dresses up exterior windows for the holidays with bundled tree cuttings and all-natural, easy-to-make ornaments.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Flynnside Out Productions

Materials Needed:

  • tree cuttings
  • floral wire
  • floral shears
  • fishing line
  • sheets of birch bark
  • yarn
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue sticks
  • picture nails
  • hammer
  • foam spheres
  • jute twine
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • utility knife
  • pencil

Gather Cuttings

Search yard for fallen tree branches or pick up bundled tree cuttings from a local Christmas tree lot or florist. Trim cuttings to desired width for window.

Create Hanger

Unfurl jute twine to proper length needed to suspend window dressing in center of window. Cut with scissors, then tie to each of the two ends of the gathered cuttings.

Cut and Assemble Twig Stars

Grab a bunch of thin twigs and cut into five 3-inch long pieces. Use hot glue gun to assemble twigs into a star formation. Once dry, tie fishing line to the top of the star, then suspend from tree cuttings by tying opposite end of fishing line around branches and greenery. Note: While jute twine can also be used for this project, the clearness of the fishing wire completely disappears for a clean look.

Cut and Assemble Birch Bark Tree Silhouettes

Separate birch bark sheets. Once sheets have been separated, make a stack on a flat, level surface. Next, create a stencil by drawing a simple tree silhouette directly onto cardboard. Cut shape out using a utility knife. (Tip: For proper sizing, create a 4x3-inch tree silhouette for a 36-inch window. For windows larger in size, increase the dimensions until the proper scale and proportion are achieved.) Use drill to add a small hole along the top of the tree silhouette, then add fishing line to attach tree silhouette to tree cuttings.

Create Yarn Spheres

Gather small and medium foam spheres, then wrap each sphere with bold-colored yarn, creating as many layers as necessary until the white foam is completely covered. Cut fishing line to size and place between a few strands of yarn, then attach fishing line to tree-cutting bunch.

Add Nail and Hang

After all ornaments are securely fastened to tree-hanging bunch, use hammer to add a small nail above the window. Place twine hanger on nail. Stand back to adjust hanging until it's perfectly straight.

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