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DIY Holiday Pinecone Garland

Stylishly bring the outdoors in by creating a garland made of small pinecones and red yarn, then drape it over your mantel, Christmas tree, or down the length of the dining table for an understated festive touch.

Camille Styles, Photography by Buff Strickland

Materials Needed:

  • real or faux small pinecones
  • white craft paint
  • red twine or yarn
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • paper plate

Dip Pinecones in Paint

Place a small amount of paint on the paper plate and dip pinecone to add color to the petal's edges. Rotate pinecone as you dip it so each tip is covered with paint. Repeat will all pinecones and set aside to allow the paint to dry completely.

Attach Pinecones to Twine

Wrap end of yarn around the bottom of a pinecone and knot (Image 1). Continue wrapping yarn around pinecones, wedging yarn under scales to secure it. Once desired length is reached, cut yarn (Image 2). Secure any loose bits of yarn with a bit of hot glue (Image 3). Once glue has cooled, drape garland over a fireplace mantel, buffet table, banister or any space in your home that could use a little holiday cheer (Image 4).

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