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Printable DIY Table Numbers for Weddings

These DIY table numbers are adorable, easy to make and could easily double as wedding keepsakes.

Cristina Riches, Bird's Party

Materials Needed:

  • spray paint matching your table colors
  • ceramic candleholders
  • small oval photo frames
  • printable table numbers
  • vintage saucers

Assemble Materials and Clean Candlesticks

Assemble all your materials, then clean candlesticks and place them onto a cardboard box when they're ready to be sprayed.

Spray-Paint the Candlesticks

Spray your candlesticks in a well-ventilated area. Let each side dry thoroughly. Add a second or third coat if necessary to cover the entire candlestick.

Print and Cut Out Table Numbers

Print your table numbers onto white card stock and cut. Cut a piece of gold crepe paper to fit inside the frames and then add a number to the gold paper using double-sided tape.

Add Rosebud Decor

Hot-glue a rosebud embellishment to the front of each frame.

Assemble the Stands

Hot glue the saucers to the candlesticks to make your mini stands. (To remove the hot glue, simply pull the pieces apart after use or use a product such as Goo Gone.) Secure frames to the mini stands using a dot of hot glue or glue dots.

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