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How to Make a Dessert Basket for Summer Parties

Serve your dessert in style this summer by decorating a wicker or wooden basket.

Abigail Barnes, Paper & Cake

Materials Needed:

  • wicker or wooden basket with handle
  • red, white or blue ribbon
  • hot glue gun and sticks
  • floral foam or Styrofoam
  • straw or shredded-paper filler
  • napkins

Line Basket

Line basket with napkins so that color shows through the holes. Fill basket with blocks of floral foam (for dessert on sticks), possibly cutting pieces to fill entire basket.

Add Ribbon

Using a hot glue gun, decorate basket with ric-rac ribbon in your desired pattern.

Fill Basket

Once all glue is dry, fill top of basket with your shredded filler. Be sure to cover any visible floral foam.

Place Dessert

Stick dessert into basket as desired, into floral foam if necessary. Enjoy at home or be the center star of your block party's dessert table.

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