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Make a Chic Bath Caddy for Guests

Turn an old wooden box into a rustic caddy for your bath and body essentials, or stock it full of travel toiletries for overnight guests.

Maureen Stevens

Materials Needed:

  • old wooden box
  • fabric trim
  • a set of doorknobs
  • paint
  • hand-held drill

Drill Holes Into Box

Using hand-held drill, drill holes in each side of wooden box where knobs will be secured.

Dip Wooden Box

Pour paint into a pan and dip bottom of wooden box. Repeat several times until you get the perfect amount of paint on the bottom of the box. Allow to dry.

Secure Fabric Trim

Get the doorknobs ready and secure fabric trim on each side by inserting the front of the knobs into the drilled holes on each side of the box. Fasten and secure the nuts and bolts.

Fill With Toiletries

Hang the finished bath caddy in your bathroom, or the guest bathroom, and fill with a variety of bath and body potions only an arm's length away from the tub or shower.

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