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No-Sew Striped Shower Curtain Using Drapery Panels

Turn basic, ready-made drapery panels into a custom, designer-inspired shower curtain with a few craft supplies.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Decor Demon

Materials Needed:

  • drapery panels
  • hot glue gun
  • glue gun refill sticks
  • yardstick of tailor's tape
  • scissors
  • drapery rod
  • fabric steamer
  • spool of tape trim
  • shower curtain liner
  • needle and thread (optional)

Create a Color Scheme

Gather between three and five drapery panels to create a cohesive color scheme. For a less-is-more look, stick with drapery panels made from similar fabrics. To achieve a more complex, layered look, use a mix of drapery panels made from fabrics with different textures.

Steam Panels

Hang panels up over a door or drapery rod and remove all wrinkles with fabric steamer. Note: One panel will be used as the base on which accent panels will be attached with hot glue once cut to size as stripes. It's important that the base panel is meticulously steamed since additional fabric will be attached to it.

Measure and Cut Accent Panels

Based on width of shower, determine how many panels are needed for proper coverage. Next, use yardstick or tailor's tape to mark proper width for accent panels which will be used as stripes, then cut with scissors.

Attach Accent Panels to Base Panel

Once all accent panels are cut to size as horizontal stripes, attach in place using hot glue gun or by stitching with needle and thread. Tip: If the accent panels have rough edges once cut with scissors, keep in mind they will be covered by tape trim.

Cover Seams With Tape Trim

Unfurl spool of tape trim to width of panel, then cut with scissors. Next, place tape trim along seams of accent stripe panels, then attach in place using hot glue gun or by stitching with needle and thread. Add a shower curtain liner to the back of the complete panel before hanging on drapery rod.

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