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Personalized Constellation Vanity Tray

Add constellation dots from the zodiac onto simple plates and turn them into modern, personalized vanity trays for you or a friend. They make a wonderful addition to a dresser, workspace or bathroom vanity.

Maureen Stevens

Materials Needed:

  • square porcelain plate in white
  • spray paint in desired color
  • carbon paper
  • pencil
  • gold-leaf marker
  • constellation printable (see below)

Spray-Paint Plate

Spray-paint plate in your desired color. Let dry.

Apply Carbon Paper + Printable

Cut a sheet of carbon paper and your printable to a size where it fits perfectly on your plate. Place the carbon paper first (Image 1), then the printable on top of it.

Constellations of the Zodiac Printable Templates

Download Aries
Download Taurus
Download Gemini
Download Cancer
Download Leo
Download Virgo
Download Libra
Download Scorpio
Download Sagittarius
Download Capricorn
Download Aquarius
Download Pisces

Trace Constellation Dots

Trace constellation dots on the printable or shade with a pencil.

Gold-Leaf Dots

Using the gold-leaf marker, shade constellation dots visible on the plate (Image 2). Note: The dots may not transfer perfectly, but that gives it character!

Style Your Tray

This hand-painted vanity tray is perfect for out-of-town guests to use during their stay. It also serves beautifully as wall decor by using a group of constellation-dot trays in a symmetrical or asymmetrical collage.

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