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DIY Art Deco Vanity Tray

Live the glitz of The Great Gatsby with this hand-painted vanity tray that is all about celebrating the glamour of the 1920s and the beauty of the art deco era.

Maureen Stevens

Materials Needed:

  • tray (wooden, stainless steel, etc.)
  • black spray paint
  • art deco stencil
  • painter's tape
  • acrylic craft paint in gold
  • paintbrush

Spray-Paint Tray

Spray-paint tray in black. Allow tray to dry completely.

Place Stencil

Plan for your stencil to have symmetrical placement on the tray. Use painter's tape to secure stencil. Note: This particular tray was the right size to fit four stencils. If yours is not, plan to start your stencil in the middle of the tray, then go outwards.

Paint Tray

Paint stencil with gold craft acrylic paint. Let paint dry before lifting stencil and removing tape.

Continue Painting Tray

Continue painting inside the stencil until the rest of the tray is complete. Allow to dry completely before styling.

Style Your Tray

Place all your beautiful perfume bottles and trinkets on the tray. We especially love it styled with glass containers and a vase with fresh, colorful flowers.

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