Take Basic Household Items From Boring to Brilliant

Chances are you have one of these dime-a-dozen basics that’s ripe for a redo. The experts at HGTV Magazine show you how to pretty them up.

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Thomas Liggett

Top a Folding Table With a Fun Pattern

Unclip or unscrew the tabletop from the frame. Paint the frame and the legs with an indoor/outdoor spray paint, and let dry. Cut a piece of water-resistant oilcloth fabric slightly bigger than the tabletop, and place it over the tabletop. Using a staple gun and 1/4\" staples, attach the fabric to the underside of the tabletop, pulling it taut as you go. Reattach the tabletop to the frame. Paint: Real Orange by Rust-Oleum; Oilcloth: Toile Orange, $9 per yard, oilclothbytheyard.com

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