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Make a Matching Mom and Baby Kangaroo Costume

This Halloween, keep baby close and portable by taking a cue from our furry friends down under. Combine these easy-to-make kangaroo hats with a brown ensemble, then fix baby onto your front with a comfy cloth carrier.

Camille Styles; Photography by Buff Strickland
Mama and Baby Kangaroos Costume

Materials Needed:

  • adult and baby brown beanie caps
  • 1 sheet each of white, tan, brown and black felt
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Trace Templates Onto Felt

Print out mommy kangaroo and baby kangaroo templates, attached above, and cut out stencils. Trace individual stencil shapes onto corresponding colored felt sheets and cut out.

  • Mama and Baby Kangaroos Costume
  • Mama and Baby Kangaroos Costume

Attach Felt to Hats

Referring to image below, use a hot glue gun to attach felt pieces to front of brown hat. When attaching the ears, cut a slit in the middle of the bottom tab as indicated on the stencil, then fold the tab back while angling the two halves inward before gluing onto hat.

Mama and Baby Kangaroos Costume

Pull Entire Outfit Together

Pair mom's hat with brown leggings and a tunic or sweatshirt. Dress baby in a brown onesie before comfortably positioning him or her in a brown cloth carrier or sling for a "kangaroo pouch" effect.

Mama and Baby Kangaroos Costume
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