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Kids' Craft: Dyed Easter Egg Animals

Turn dyed Easter eggs into adorable bunnies, chicks and sheep with colorful, polka-dot printables.

Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio; Photography by ten22 studio

Materials Needed:

  • solid dyed Easter eggs (dry)
  • printable patterned papers
  • scissors

Dye Eggs

Color Easter eggs and allow to fully dry.

Print Patterned Paper

Print downloadable polka dot papers.

Create Egg Stands

Cut paper strips to act as the egg "stands" for each animal. Make a circle with the strip of paper, and set egg in it so it will stand up. Secure ends of paper strips together to make a stand for the eggs using adhesive.

Cut Out Animal Parts

Using scissors, get creative and cut out ears, beaks, feathers, whiskers, noses, etc.

Create Animals

Using adhesive, secure paper parts to the eggs to create different animals.

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