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Step-by-Step: Custom Artwork

Create custom artwork with this how-to from HGTV Magazine and DIY blogger Typhanie Peterson

Rae McConville
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Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Materials Needed:

  • pencil
  • ruler
  • 24" x 18" stretched canvas
  • seven disposable plates
  • Red Tempera paint
  • White Tempera paint
  • mixing stick
  • 1" polyester paintbrush

Step 1

Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a 2-inch border around the canvas so the painting will be centered. The pencil lines along the edges will guide your first brushstrokes.

Step 2

Pour red paint onto a plate; this will be your starting color. Mix the red and white paints together in the remaining plates so you have six more shades, from dark to light.

Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Step 3

Starting with the darkest paint, make a single brushstroke from top to bottom on each side of the canvas. Follow your pencil line for guidance. (Continue to next page for final step.)

Stuart Tyson/Studio D

Step 4

Wash the brush, pat it dry, then repeat with plates 2 through 7. The single center stripe will be the lightest color.

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