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Embellish Hair Combs With Vintage Buttons

Glitzy vintage buttons are the perfect material to make one-of-a-kind hair accessories for all the ladies at your holiday party.

Michelle Edgemont; Photography by Moss & Isaac

The beauty of this DIY is that no two button-embellished hair combs will ever be exactly the same. Each guest will receive a completely different hair accessory to wear throughout the holiday season.

Materials Needed:

  • a variety of glitzy vintage buttons
  • metal hair comb
  • needle
  • white thread
  • glitter cardstock
  • twist tie

Add Buttons

Thread the needle with a long piece of thread. Knot one end of the thread onto the right side of the hair comb. Thread on your first button. (Choose one of the larger buttons.) Pull the first button to be flush with the front of the haircomb. Wrap the thread a few times around the comb, in between the teeth of the comb. Thread the next button.

Keep wrapping the thread through the teeth of the comb and adding fun buttons. When the comb is full of beautiful buttons, knot the thread around a few teeth of the comb.

Add a Glittery Holder

Present the hair comb on a square piece of glitter cardstock. Poke two holes in the cardstock near the middle edges of the comb. Wrap the twist tie through a few teeth of the comb, stick each end through the cardstock, and twist together on the back.

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