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Handmade Reindeer Coasters

An elegant set of four coasters is an inexpensive and easy gift for the holidays.

Myra Hope, My Blessed Life

Materials Needed:

  • (4) 4" white porcelain tiles (available at hardware stores)
  • small felt pads
  • reindeer and snowflake stencils
  • blue glitter paint
  • red paint
  • sponges
  • spray gloss enamel

Place Stencils on Tile

Stencils are available online — do an online search for "Reindeer stencil" and "snowflake stencil" — or at craft supply stores. Once you have your stencil in place, tape it down or use adhesive spray.

Paint Stencils

Squirt a bit of each paint into two bowls. Then dab a sponge into the red paint. Sponge most of the paint off on the side of the bowl before pressing it on the stencil. The best way to avoid seepage under the stencil is to do a few light coats of paint.

Add Sparkly Snowflakes

Stencil three blue sparkly snowflakes above the reindeer.

Finishing Touches

To finish off the coasters, add four felt pads to the bottom of each coaster to keep them from scratching each other or a surface. The spray gloss enamel finishes them off beautifully.

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