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Easy Yarn and Ornament Wreath

Create a festive new wreath in just two simple steps.

Jo-Anna Rooney, A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Materials Needed:

  • 1 grapevine wreath
  • 40 red shatterproof ornaments (shiny, glittery and matte combination pack)
  • 35 Styrofoam balls in two sizes
  • 2 shades or textures of green yarn
  • glue gun

Follow Two Simple Steps

Start by wrapping the Styrofoam balls in green yarn, using your glue gun to secure the ends. Make sure to create a variety of ball sizes and shades of yarn. Then use your glue gun to attach the ornaments and yarn balls to every possible surface of the wreath's front side.

Hang and Enjoy

Most store-bought wreaths will have a hanger attached but a grapevine wreath is just as easy to hang on any nail or hook without one. Alternatively, use a store-bought wreath hanger or a ribbon to loop around the back of the wreath and hang on the front door.

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