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DIY Monogrammed Doormat

Make an easy, personalized Christmas gift for under $10.

Jen Gilday, At Home in the Northwest

Materials Needed:

  • sisal doormat
  • 2 plates or bowls, one slightly smaller than the other
  • permanent marking pen, such as a Sharpie
  • letter template
  • black acrylic craft paint plus a small brush
  • measuring tape

Make Outer Edge of Circle

Once you have your mat, select two round objects that are different sizes. For this project we used a dinner plate and a salad plate. Trace the larger circle with a permanent marker.

Complete Inner Edge of Circle

Use the smaller plate or bowl to then trace the inner circle.

Add Monogram

Next, print an initial in a font of your choice. Do an online search for the letter you want and find a font that works for the project. Use photo editing software to enlarge the image so it just fits within the circle. Another option is to print a letter on your computer and enlarge it on the copier. Once you’ve got the template sized to your liking, cut it out.

Measure the center of the circle and place the letter in the correct spot.

Trace Initial Onto Mat

Trace the letter with the permanent marker.

Fill In Circle and Initial

Using black craft paint and a small brush, fill in the circle and monogram.

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