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Easy Burlap Reindeer Wall Art

One simple stencil can turn into a holiday piece to enjoy year after year.

By Allison Michelena, A Glimpse Inside

Materials Needed:

  • wood or framed canvas
  • burlap piece, in same size as wood or canvas
  • acrylic paint
  • spray adhesive
  • stencils
  • stencil/paintbrush

Prepare Burlap

First, cut the burlap the same size or a little smaller than your wood. Make the edges as straight as possible. Pull the end pieces to fray the edges to your liking.

Paint Background Canvas or Wood

Paint the wood or your canvas a background color. This color will border your burlap when complete.

Stencil In the Reindeer

Use spray adhesive or spray mount on the back of your stencil and place on your burlap.
Begin to paint. Make sure you use the "pounce" method so paint doesn't get under your stencil.

Attach Burlap to Background

To mount to the wood, spray the back of the burlap with spray adhesive. Place on the wood and smooth out flat.

Add Buttons

Glue some buttons (you could also use brads) in the corners to make it look like they are holding down the burlap.

Make More!

Use the same technique for any combination of designs and holiday sayings.

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