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How to Make a Wooden Christmas Tree

Add some farmhouse charm to your front yard this holiday season with a rustic, wooden Christmas tree.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Decor Demon

Materials Needed:

  • reclaimed barn wood planks
  • 1 10-foot tall pressure-treated 4x4 pine post
  • 1 bundle of pressure-treated pine tree stakes
  • drill
  • screws
  • strands of festival globe lights
  • C-hooks
  • 50-foot extension cord
  • metal tree stand
  • circular saw
  • 3-inch wood screws
  • speed square
  • burlap or all-weather tree skirt

Insert Post Into Stand

On a flat, level area of the yard, carefully place the 4x4 pine post into the metal tree stand. Tighten the bolts by hand until the 4x4 post is perfectly centered and standing up straight.

Add Tree Stakes

Add extra support to the bottom of the 4x4 pine post and keep it from shifting by pushing the tree stakes firmly into the ground, then leaning back against the post at a 45-degree angle.

Attach Stakes With Drill

Using a drill and 3-inch wood screws, fasten stakes firmly to bottom of post. Tip: Reinforcing the bottom of the 4x4 post eliminates any shifting, plus it will ensure that planks of wood sit perfectly plumb with the ground. Once the project is complete, the stakes can be easily concealed with an all-weather or burlap tree skirt.

Cut Wood

Use a circular saw to cut the wood planks to size. To achieve the tapered Christmas tree silhouette look, trim each plank between 6 inches and 1 foot shorter in length than the one below it.

Lay Out Cut Planks

Once planks have all been cut with the saw, lay them flat on the ground to ensure that the proper silhouette is starting to take shape.

Attach Planks

Starting at the very bottom, temporarily tack up each plank to the 4x4 post with a drill and wood screws.

Ensure a Level Fit

Use a speed square to ensure each plank sits level with the ground. Permanently secure to the post with wood screws.

Check Progress

As you work your way up the post, step back into the yard to examine progress for consistent spacing and level installation. If anything is crooked, it's best to fix it before moving higher up the post.

Continue to Top

With all planks checked for levelness, continue attaching each plank all the way up to the top of the post.

Add C-Hooks

Attach C-hooks along the outside edges of each plank, using them to hold the festival globe lights snugly.

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