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Creepy Specimen Art

Create art that's perfect to decorate the house for Halloween and then leave up in a boy's room year round.

Jennifer Hadfield, tatertots & jello

Materials Needed:

  • 13" x 13" T-shirt display or box frame with glass front
  • craft punch featuring 1-1/2-inch bats, spiders or whatever Halloween motif you choose
  • decorative craft paper in various patterns and colors
  • 14" x 14" square of plain-colored fabric
  • heavy-duty tape
  • miniature adhesive circles

Wrap the Frame Insert

To start, wrap the plain-colored fabric over the frame's background insert, which should be about 12"x12". Secure with heavy tape.

Create Specimens

Using either a craft punch or Silhouette machine, cut out a uniform number of specimens from the craft paper. They should be the same size but vary in color, print and design.

Bend the Cut-Outs

Give dimension to your project by bending the wings of your bats upward.

Measure Spacing

Use this printable square 8.5 x 8.5 Grid or simply measure your fabric to create a grid. Each printable bat is 1.5" across; they are spaced 3" across and 1.5" high. Even spacing is important.

Poke a Dot

Place the grid on top of your fabric, then poke a pen through the center of each x. Center the paper in the middle of square fabric back and poke pencil through each hole, marking where the specimen will go.

Stack Dots, Stick on Specimens

Attach 2 layers of small adhesive dots on top of each pencil dot. They should be stacked 2 high.

Now place one specimen on top of each dot, pressing firmly. Replace the insert inside the frame and hang.

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