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Natural Wheat Bundle Centerpiece

Here's an inexpensive take (under $10!) on a popular store bought fall centerpiece idea.

Alissa Ditta, 33 Shades of Green

Materials Needed:

  • 2 bundles of dried wheat (available at craft supply stores)
  • 1 small bundle of dried grass
  • 1 block of floral foam
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • brown kraft paper
  • twine or ribbon

Create a Base

Cut floral foam into two circles. The diameter of the circle will determine how wide your bundle will be. Secure the two pieces of foam together with hot glue gun.

Add Paper

Cut a piece of kraft paper wide enough to wrap around the foam. The height of the paper should be just a little higher than the foam. Secure the paper around the foam with glue. Fold over the extra at the bottom and glue.

Apply Grass

Start by attaching small sections of grass with the glue. Continue until you have grass all the way around.

Trim Grass

Use scissors to go all around the bottom and trim the grass.

Add Second Layer of Wheat

Now get your wheat and use the glue gun to attach it all the way around. Just do a small section at a time. When you are finished, trim at the bottom just like you did with the grass.

Then set the bundle right side up and use leftover wheat and grass to fill the center. Poke stems right into the foam base. (It'll look very empty and bare if you skip this step.)

Wrap With Twine

Wrap twine around the base of the bundle. Secure with a small amount of glue, then display. This look fits in perfectly with fall decor.

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