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Fall Wool Sweater Pillow

Convert an old sweater into a cozy new throw pillow.

Jo-Anna Rooney, A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Materials Needed:

  • sweater
  • rectangle pillow insert (down or synthetic)
  • corresponding thread
  • 1 sheet of gold felt
  • another material in a different color
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • safety pin

Sew Pillow Seams

To make the pillow, use an old wool sweater for the fabric. Start with a rectangular down-filled pillow insert and fitted the sweater around it. Then cut the material to fit.

Tip: Leave one side uncut so you only have to sew three sides.

Sew the two longest sides first. Then, stuff in the pillow insert and sew up the remaining end.

Assemble Sunflower Embellishment

1. Cut out one 2-inch circle for the base of the flower.

2. Cut out 7 gold petals for the first layer of the flower.

3. Cut out 7 rust petals for the next layer.

4. Cut out seven 2-inch strips of gold felt for the next layer.

5. Cut out 5 smaller gold petals for the next layer.

6. Cut out 3 smaller rust petals for the next layer. To create the center, cut 2 strips of felt. They should be 4 x 1/4". Snip along one side to create fringe. Layer the strips then roll together to make a circle. Glue to the center of your flower.

See the full sunflower tutorial.

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