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Halloween Party Favor: Make a Treat Cone

Delight trick-or-treaters or Halloween party guests with this easy-to-create card stock cone filled with candy, small toys or trinkets.

Kim Stoegbauer, The TomKat Studio; Photography by Vicki Lynn Photography

Materials Needed:

  • white card stock
  • 2-1/4" paper punch
  • hole punch
  • double-sided tape
  • ribbon

Create Cone

Download and print cone template onto card stock. Use scissors to cut cone out along edges. Roll to form cone and secure edges with double-sided tape.


Create Embellishments

Download and print Halloween party circles. Cut page into strips, then use a 2-1/4" circle punch to punch out designs. Attach a circle to the front of the cone using double-sided tape.


Add Ribbon Handle and Fill Cone

Use a standard hole punch to punch each side of the cone to accommodate the ribbon handle. Thread ribbon through holes and knot on each side inside the cone so the knots aren't visible. Tie bows and attach to the outside of the cone, covering the holes made for the handle. Fill cone with crinkle filler or tissue paper, then top with an assortment of candy, small toys or Halloween trinkets.

Halloween Party Favors
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