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Black Cat Outdoor Halloween Decoration

Create an arched-back black cat cut-out for your front yard to give trick-or-treaters and Halloween guests a fright.

Layla Palmer, The Lettered Cottage
Spooky Halloween Black Cat

Materials Needed:

  • 2 'x 2' piece of plywood
  • jigsaw
  • fine-toothed wood-cutting jigsaw blade
  • electric drill with an extra-large drill bit
  • 18" wood landscaping stakes two
  • pneumatic nail gun and nails

Print and Cut Out Template

To create an oversized cat, have a local copy shop print out a 2' x 2' version of the cat template. Using scissors, cut out pattern.

Tip: If you'd prefer, you can create smaller versions of the cat using templates printed onto standard printer paper.

Scaredy Cat Cut-Out

Trace Template

Use a pencil to trace the cat template onto a 2' x 2' piece of plywood.

Tracing the Scaredy Cat Template

Cut Cat Out

Use a jigsaw equipped with a fine-toothed wood-cutting blade to cut the cat out by slowly following your pencil lines.

Cutting Traced Scaredy Cat Halloween Project

Create Eye Holes

Create starter holes in the center of each eye using an extra-large drill bit. Insert the jigsaw in the drilled hole and continue cutting out the eyes.

  • Drilling Scaredy Cat Eyes
  • A Hand Saw Used to Cut-Out Scaredy Cat Decoration

Attach Stake

Apply construction adhesive to the upper portion of a wooden landscaping stake and attach the stake to the back of the cat's legs (Image 1). Flip the cat over, and use a pneumatic nailer to further secure the stake to the cat from the front side (Image 2). Flip the cat over again, and hammer down the ends of any nails that are sticking through the back (Image 3).

  • Preparing Wood for Scaredy Cat Halloween Project
  • Nailing Scaredy Cat Wood Pieces with a Nail Gun
  • Hammering Wood Piece of the Scaredy Cat Project

Sand, Then Paint

Use a sanding block to smooth rough edges. Coat both the front and back sides of the cat and stake in black exterior paint and allow to dry.

  • Smoothing the Scaredy Cat Cut Out Tail Edges
  • Painting the Scaredy Cat Cut Out Black

Place in Yard

Select an outdoor location for the cat and use a second wooden stake to create a shallow starter hole in the ground. Remove the stake, then position the cat, firmly pushing its stake down into the started hole.

Hammering Stake Into Ground for Outdoor Halloween Scared Cat Decoration
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