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How to Make Festive Kwanzaa Corn Husk Vases

Incorporate a powerful symbol of Kwanzaa into the holiday table with these corn husk vases. Corn traditionally pays tribute to the circle of life in Kwanzaa celebrations, and these vases are a unique way to pass along this custom.

Camille Styles, editor of
Kwanzaa Corn Husk Vase With Flower

Materials Needed:

  • corn husks (these are often sold in the international section at grocery stores)
  • wood stain
  • paper towels
  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • short drinking glass
  • colorful braided yarn

Stain Corn Husks

Apply a small dot of wood stain to paper towel and rub onto one side of the corn husks to create a rich color (Images 2 and 3). Tip: Try using colorful stains to achieve a varied effect.

  • Corn Husks
  • Stain for Corn Husks
  • Staining Corn Husks

Trim Corn Husks

Cut corn husks in proportion to size of glass. Corn husk should reach 1/2" higher than top of glass.

Cutting Stained Corn Husks

Secure to Glass

Using glue gun, trace vertical and horizontal lines onto corn husk (Image 1). Adhere to glass. Repeat with more husks, overlapping pieces, until glass is covered (Image 2).

  • Hot Gluing Corn Husks
  • Gluing Corn Husks to a Glass

Trim Excess Husk

Cut overhanging corn husk to make even with edge of glass.

Trimming Corn Husks on a Glass

Attach Braided Yarn

Attach end of yarn to lower half of vase with a drop of glue. Wrap yarn around the base of the vase several times (Image 1). Cut the end of the yarn, and secure it with glue (Image 2).

  • Wrap Thread Around Corn Husk
  • Kwanzaa Corn Husk Vase Wrapped with Thread

Add Flowers

Fill vase with water and flowers, and use as a beautiful, natural element for the Kwanzaa table.

Kwanzaa Stained Corn Husk Vase
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