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How to Make a Fall Felt Leaf Wreath

Complete just a few steps to easily create this cute felt wreath with a Halloween twist.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms

Materials Needed:

  • 24" grapevine wreath
  • wreath hanger
  • 1/4 yard felt in assorted fall colors
  • 1 yard double-sided iron-on fusing
  • 1/4 yard craft paper
  • black crow
  • fabric glue
  • invisible fabric pen
  • scissors
  • iron

Cut Templates

Gather supplies and cut various leaf-shaped templates from craft paper. Tip: Gather leaves from your backyard for inspiration or search for free templates online.

Cut Felt and Iron-On Fusing

Cut assorted autumnal felt colors and fusing into 10" x 12" sheets. Set aside remaining felt to be used in a later step.

Iron Felt

Iron 10" x 12" sheets of felt and fusible material together.

Cut Leaf

Trace leaf shape onto fused felt sheet using invisible fabric pen. Following traced lines, cut out leaf and then fold in half to create cut-outs within shape.

Remove Paper Backing

Peel fusible paper backing from leaf and place on contrasting color felt sheet without fusible backing.

Fuse Felt Sheets

Iron leaf to contrasting felt sheet, a different color is now visible through patterns cut into leaf in previous step.

Cut Out Leaf

Trim approximately 1/8 inch around leaf, leaving a contrasting felt border on all sides to create a two-toned leaf. Repeat steps four through seven, making 20 to 25 leaves in a range of felt color combinations.

Attach Leaves to Wreath

Weave grapevine branches around leaves, attaching leaf backs to wreath with fabric glue as needed.

Add a Halloween Touch

Position black crow inside lower edge of wreath and hang on door for a sophisticated way to greet Halloween and fall guests.

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