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Create Upholstery Trim Embellished Pumpkins

Easily embellish pumpkins with paint, nail head trim, ribbon and spiders to create a chic Halloween display — no carving required.

Janell Beals, Isabella & Max Rooms
Halloween Tableau

Materials Needed:

  • pumpkins (natural or faux)
  • latex paint
  • latex metallic paint
  • 1/4" black ribbon
  • nail head upholstery trim
  • decorative spiders
  • bale of hay
  • craft glue
  • paintbrush
  • scissors

Gather Supplies

Lay out supplies and pumpkins of various sizes; determine which pumpkins will be painted and which will remain their original color.

Decorative Pumpkin Materials

Paint Pumpkins

Mix metallic paint into chosen color for added sheen (Image 1). Brush a layer of paint onto selected pumpkins and allow to dry for approximately 30 minutes (Image 2).

  • Preparing the Paint
  • Painting the Pumpkins

Create a Ribbon Spider Web

While painted pumpkins dry, cut lengths of black ribbon and attach to unpainted pumpkin with glue in a spider web pattern (Image 1). Embellish with a decorative spider (Image 2).

  • Creating the Web
  • Finished Spider Pumpkin

Attach Nail Head Trim

Using just your fingers (or a small hammer, if needed) decorate a painted pumpkin with a pattern of your choosing using nail head upholstery trim Tip: For consistency, we chose a spider web pattern. Other easy options would be a monogram, grinning jack-o'-lantern, crescent moon, leaf or bat.

Using the Push Pins
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