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How to Make a Silver Clay Origami Crane Ornament

Fold a clay origami crane to hang as a decorative ornament in a window or on a holiday tree.

Materials and Tools:

square silver clay sheet
jump rings
round wire
needle-nose pliers
square-nose pliers
flex shaft
mug warmer
clay pin tool
kiln shelf padding
safety glasses
soap and water
brass brush


1. Fold a square silver clay sheet into an origami crane shape. Search the Internet for directions on how to fold a paper origami crane.

2. Pierce through the center of the silver clay crane with a clay pin tool.

3. Place the clay crane on a mug warmer to dry for 10 minutes.

4. Place the crane on a kiln shelf pillow and fire.

5. When the origami crane ornament has cooled take it out of the kiln and clean with soap, water and a brass brush.

6. Wearing safety glasses use a flex shaft to drill out the hole (formed by the clay pin tool in step 2) for the jump ring.

7. Attach a jump ring using two pair of pliers. 

8. Create a hanger with round wire and pliers and attach it to the jump ring.

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