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How to Make a Gourd Pendant Necklace

Turn a gourd scrap into a painted jewelry pendant in this simple necklace project.

Materials and Tools:

gourd scrap (saved triangular-shaped gourd eyepiece from the gourd mask project)
craft knife
acrylic metallic paint
gold paint pen
fine tip permanent marker
clear stretchy cord
clear acrylic spray


1. Reshape the triangular-shaped gourd piece into desired pendant shape with a craft knife.

2. Smooth the gourd edges with sandpaper.

3. Decide how you want the necklace to hang and insert a hole into the side of the gourd pendant with an awl.

4. Outline a design on the front of the gourd piece with a fine tipped marker.

5. Fill in the selected design on the gourd piece with acrylic metallic paint. Paint the back.

6. Embellish the front design and edges with a gold paint pen.

7. Spray with clear acrylic spray.

8. String complementary beads on a clear stretch necklace cord, then the gourd piece, and then add more beads.

9. Tie the cord at your desired necklace length.

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