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How to Make a Confetti Fused-Glass Cuff Bracelet

Make a colorful glass bracelet that fits snug across your wrist using this fused glass technique.

Materials and Tools:

clear glass sheets
frit glass of many colors
glass cutters
brass findings
silver cuff wire
glass nippers


1. Place a layer of thin glue on a clear glass sheet. Sprinkle frit glass pieces onto the sheet, covering the entire sheet.

2. Fuse frit and clear sheet together in kiln for 24 hours.

3. Remove fused multicolor sheet from kiln and cut to size for bracelet using glass cutters and nippers. Cut clear glass to size for bracelet.

4. Glue brass findings with hoops in between frit glass and clear glass.

5. Fire in kiln for 24 hours. Remove from kiln.

6. Attach cuff wire with pliers to the brass hoops.

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