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How to Make a Gingko Leaf Journal Cover

Make a journal cover inspired by ginkgo leaves in this botanical craft project.

Materials and Tools:

12-20 pressed leaves, depending on the size
Fossil Leaf Journal "large" #69022
Beacon's Liquid Laminate
antiqued gold or copper acrylic paints


1. Remove the fossil leaf from the front and back of the journal.

2. Paint a small area on the front of the journal and cover with Liquid Laminate.

3. Apply Liquid Laminate to the back of a leaf and press it into the laminate on the journal. Continue putting the leaves on the outside of the journal, working in small areas at a time until you have the design you want.

4. Apply another coat of laminate over all the leaves, pressing them in place as you work. Let dry overnight.

5. When the cover is dry, pick all the leaves off the cover. They will crumble and tear. This is fine; just make sure all the leaf material is removed.

6. Paint with metallic paint on a small area of the journal cover.

7. With a small sponge, wipe some of the paint away, leaving just the leaf impression painted.

8. Continue until the leaves are all highlighted. Embellish as desired.

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