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How to Make Wire Scrapbook Flowers

Add a touch of art to your scrapbook pages with easy-to-make wire flowers.

The wire flowers shown on this page were created with a low-tech tool: a sheet of cardstock rolled into a cone!

Materials and Tools:

needle-nose pliers
card stock


1. Roll up a sheet of card stock into the shape of a cone.

2.  Wrap wire around the cone, starting at the smallest point and holding the end in place with your finger.

3.  Slide the wire off the cone and then press flat.

4.  Twist the ends with needle-nose pliers.

5.  Spread the flower outward to create the desired shape.

6.  Create leaves using the same process.

7.  Pinch the end of the wire flower into the shape of a leaf.

8.  Secure the flowers and leaves to the page with small pieces of wire, twisting the wire together on the back side of the page to hold them in place.

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