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How to Scrapbook Using Different Shades and Patterns

Show off a prized photo using different shades and patterns of scrapbook paper.

This page was created by using patterns, shapes and shades of one color.

Materials and Tools:

patterned paper in 3 shades of the same color
journaling pen
embroidery floss, small bows or other embellishments


1. Cut 12-by-8-by-8-inch triangles out of the darkest paper and adhere them to background paper of the lightest shade, aligning the 12-inch sides with either the left and right or top and bottom borders of the background paper.

2.  Crop and mat a photo on a medium shade of colored paper.

3.  Place the matted photo on vellum, leaving a ¾-inch border, and adhere to background page.

4.  Add journaling to small pieces of vellum and place them on the page as desired.

5.  Add embroidery floss and small bows to finish the page, or embellish as desired.

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