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Personalized Bottle Cap Necklace

Create a one-of-a-kind necklace for your favorite 'tween or teen. This is a great craft project for an older child to create on their own or with a little little help from a cool and crafty adult.

Megan Palevich,

Materials Needed:

  • unused bottle cap (available at craft stores)
  • drill
  • name printed on photo paper
  • 1-inch circle punch
  • spray adhesive
  • clear epoxy stickers
  • 10-mm split rings
  • 6-mm split rings
  • sterling silver head pins
  • decorative crystals and beads
  • sterling silver balls, bead caps and spacers
  • 3/8" wide grosgrain ribbon
  • lighter


1. Print a name or saying on photo paper in a color and font of your choice. Cut out the name or saying with a 1-inch punch or circle cutter.

2. Drill a hole in the top and bottom of the bottle cap. The top will be used for hanging the pendant and the bottom will be used for adding decorative beadwork.

3. Spray the back of the photo paper with spray adhesive and attach it to the top of the bottle cap. Press firmly to make sure the photo paper is properly adhered.

4. Place the clear epoxy sticker on top of the photo paper. Press firmly to eliminate air bubbles or spaces.

5. Attach the 10-mm split ring to the top of the bottle cap and the 6-mm split ring to the bottom.

6. Wire wrap crystals, beads and silver with sterling silver headpins for a decorative look, and attach the wrapped embellishments to the bottom of the pendant.

7. Cut 34 inches (more or less depending how you'd like it to hang) of grosgrain ribbon. Hold a lighter beneath the ribbon ends to seal the ends and prevent fraying.

8. Slip the ribbon through the 10-mm split ring and tie the ribbon ends to complete the necklace.

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