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Natural Branch Necklace

Go eco-chic with this easy-to-create necklace that features a charming miniature bird perched atop a handmade wire nest and natural branch.

Michele Beschen,

Materials Needed:

  • 1/4-inch diameter branch that has an offshoot
  • anvil pruners
  • miniature bird (found at a hobby store with the miniature dollhouse supplies)
  • 20-22 gauge wire
  • 1/16" drill bit
  • leather, jute or ribbon cording
  • head pin
  • necklace clasp
  • wood stain or stain/wax
  • sanding block

Trim Branch

Using anvil pruners, trim branch to 2-1/2 to three inches long.

Cut Branch to Desired Length

Sand and Stain Branch

Sand branch to remove any rough places then apply a light coat of wood stain or stain/wax.

  • Sand Branch
  • Clean Branch for Necklace

Drill Hole in Bird

Carefully drill a hole through the center of bird using 1/16-inch drill bit.

Drill Hole in Necklace Bauble

Drill Branch

Using the same drill bit, drill a hole through branch where bird will be attached.

Branch Necklace How To, Step 4

Create Nest

Create bird's nest using a 10-inch piece of wire. Simply twist, turn and tuck wire ends to create a nest shape that will accommodate the bird.

  • Measure Necklace Wire
  • Branch Necklace How To, Step 5

Secure Objects

Slide head pin through bird, nest and branch. To secure, add a small bead to the bottom then trim and curl end of head pin.

  • Branch Necklace how To, Step 6
  • Branch Necklace How To, Step 6

Drill Holes for Cording

Drill holes on each end of branch using a slightly larger bit to accommodate the cording.

Branch Necklace How To, Step 7

Knot Cording Then Add Clasps

Knot cording under branch to secure ends and add closing clasps of your choice.

  • Branch Necklace How To, Step 8
  • Branch Necklace How To, Step 8
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