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Decoupage Photo and Quote Cans

Give empty cans new purpose by covering them with colorful images and favorite sayings.

Michele Beschen,

Materials Needed:

  • tin cans
  • super blue (available at gun supply stores)
  • metal cleaner/degreaser (available at gun supply stores)
  • photos printed onto flexible papers
  • spray adhesive
  • workable fixative or hairspray
  • clear sealer, such as shellac or varnish
  • headlines from old magazines or newspapers
  • bold spray paint (if desired)

Clean Cans

Sand can to remove coating using sandpaper or steel wool then rub with a metal cleaner or degreaser.

Distress or Paint Cans

Give cans an aged look by applying a gun bluing product, such as super blue. Brush on, allow to work and then rinse. Tip: If you don't want a rustic look, instead spray paint cans with a bold color.

Size Photos

Size and print photos based on the area to be covered. Experiment with different papers, but only use ones that are thin and flexible enough to wrap around can.

Seal Then Attach Photos

Spray photos with workable fixative, available at art supply stores, or hairspray to seal the ink. Attach photo to can with spray adhesive. Play around with fun captions or headlines from old magazines or catalogs.

Seal Can

Cover all the paper on can with shellac or varnish and allow to dry.

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