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Leather Christmas Stockings

Give your holiday mantel a high-fashion makeover with custom leather Christmas stockings.

Michele Beschen,

Tip: Thin leather or vinyl may fit in sewing machine. If not, the stocking will need to be stitched together by hand.

Materials Needed:

  • sides of old leather or vinyl coats
  • cardboard
  • heavy-duty shears
  • waxed thread
  • leather stitching needle
  • leather dye

Create Pattern and Cut Pieces

Print template, enlarge on a copier, if desired, then assemble paper pattern. Trace onto cardboard and cut out to create a more durable pattern. Fold leather panel in half lengthwise; lay pattern on folder leather, trace pattern and cut out.


Add any decorative embellishments like tags or rivets to the front of your stocking before stitching together.

Groove and Space

To make an evenly spaced stitching line on stocking, use a grooving tool or straightedge, then go over groove with spacing tool.

Punch Holes

Stack both sides of stocking together, finished sides out. Punch stitch holes with awl through both leather layers.

Stitch Together

Sew wrong sides together with a leather needle and waxed thread using either a simple saddle stitch or alternative decorative stitch. Note: If leather or vinyl is thin enough, a sewing machine will work.

Cut Hanger

Cut 1/2" x 7" piece of leather, fold it over, place inside stocking then rivet or stitch on. Do a final once-over with leather dye to finish off any raw edges.

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