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Custom Canvas Photo Art

Turn treasured photos into sentimental, handmade gifts for family and friends.

Michele Beschen,

Materials Needed:

  • digital photos
  • canvas photo printer paper
  • optional embellishments: gel mediums, rhinestones, paints or decorative threads
  • empty wooden frames
  • staple gun
  • sewing machine or needle and thread

Print Photo

Print photo onto canvas paper. Size photo so it fits on one sheet, which will cover a 5" x 7" frame, or use a photo program to expand image onto multiple sheets for a larger finished project.

Piece Images Together

If printed on multiple sheets, piece together for a tiled look and hand stitch or use sewing machine to connect. Be creative and make stitching part of the design with colored threads or zigzag pattern.

Attach Photo

Wrap photo around wooden frame, stretch taut and staple fabric to back of frame. As you're stapling, alternate sides and continue to pull tight for a taut finished canvas.


Add a special touch by embellishing canvas with painted areas, clear gel mediums or 3-D objects, such as rhinestones, ribbon or found objects.

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