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Coffee Sack Gift Tote

Repurpose burlap coffee bags to create rustic gift totes that can be used again and again.

Michele Beschen,

Materials Needed:

  • large coffee bags (ask local coffee shop or gourmet market for empty bags)
  • twine or leather cording
  • needle and thread or sewing machine
  • various embellishments
  • rotary cutting blade and mat
  • scissors

Iron Bag

Remove wrinkles from bag by ironing it with a damp pressing cloth.

Iron Bag Before Cutting

Remove Seams

Carefully cut off outer seams of bag; they are too thick to sew through and will be used later as tote handles.

Cut off Seams

Cut Bag

Each large coffee bag will create four totes, so cut bag into fourths.

Cut Bag into Four Pieces

Sew Together

Stitch two sides and the bottom of each tote together using a top stitch on the sewing machine.

It's Sew Easy

Cut Handles

Cut previously removed seams into eight 14-inch pieces to create handles.

Use Seams for Handles

Attach Handles

Attach handles to either the outside or inside of bag using a sewing machine or with hand stitching. If desired, add a bow, pin, the recipient's initials or other embellishments to finished tote. Tip: Experiment with creating other gift bag styles such as envelopes, drawstring bags and traditional gift wrap using this resourceful material.

Attach Handles to Bag
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