Natural Christmas Tree Decorations

Give your Christmas tree an organic touch with handmade ornaments fashioned from fruit, plants and other natural materials.

  • Natural Decorations Create Rustic Welcoming Look

    Natural Christmas Tree

    Dried fruits, spices and foraged materials can be turned into stunning decorations that look rustic and smell wonderful.

  • Simple Orange Pomander

    Simple Orange Pomanders

    Make natural baubles by evenly scoring orange skins and slowly dehydrating the fruits.

  • Fruit And Flower Sprigs Make A Simple Decoration

    Fruit and Flower Sprigs

    For simple, stylish decorations, tie stems of rosehips to dried teazle heads with wire and finish with a loop.

  • Sliced Dried Fruits Make Aromatic Ornaments

    Spiced Fruits

    Attach single fruits and dried sliced chilies with colored wire to either end of a decorated orange slice. Even after they have been dried thoroughly, oranges retain enough of an aroma to fill a room with their citrus scent. Get step-by-step instructions for creating dried orange ornaments.

  • Frosty Lanterns Made With Wispy Seed Heads

    Frosted Christmas Lanterns

    Thread a wire through a Chinese lantern and make a knot in the wire below the lantern. Wrap the remaining wire around a few wispy seed heads to give this decoration a frosted effect. Get step-by-step instructions for creating natural Chinese lantern ornaments.

  • Artistic Accessories Add Personalized Spice

    Citrus Slices

    Make a hole in the top of a dried orange slice, thread through a length of string, and secure in a knot.

  • Homemade Cinnamon Stick and Walnuts Ornament

    Cinnamon Walnut Bundles

    Secure several long cinnamon sticks in a bundle with an elastic band. Attach a walnut at either end of thin rope, wrap the rope around the sticks and glue on a star anise. Get step-by-step instructions for creating cinnamon spice bundle ornaments.

  • Festive Cranberry Heart

    Cranberry Hearts

    Thread thin string through dried cranberries using a needle, secure in a heart shape and finish with a loop.

  • Snow Cloud Christmas Ornament

    Snow Clouds

    Tie extra quantites of wispy or fluffy seed heads to Chinese lanterns with thin wire and finish with a loop.

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