Homemade Edible Christmas Tree

Make Christmas tree ornaments you can eat. From cookies to dried fruit, there is something for everyone on this tree.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas
  • Nougat Sweets Fill A Little Tin Bucket

    Nougat Candy

    These very light soft sweets, nougats, look wonderful hanging in galvanized buckets from a Christmas tree. Sugar, syrup and honey make this the perfect treat for anybody with a big sweet tooth. Make sure to keep it away from children when it’s boiling as it’s extremely hot.

  • Fabric Candy Cane Ornament Filled With Sweets

    Candy Cane Cone Treats

    These cones look irresistible when filled with sweet treats and hung from the Christmas tree. You can use these decorations over and over again if you line the inside of the cones with parchment paper to protect the fabric. It is pleasing for both the mouth and the eye.

  • Christmas Tree Decorated With Edible Treats

    Edible Treats

    Tempt your family and friends with delicious homemade sweets, cookies and other edible treats hanging on your Christmas tree.

  • Iced Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments Are Edible

    Iced Cookies

    These simple gingerbread cookies have easy-to-follow directions and are great to make with the kids. The dough is easy to handle and makes cutting different festive shapes fun. You can add some variety to the cookies with some icing and organic red coloring.

  • Dry Slices Of Apple And Pear In Conventional Oven

    Dried Fruit Snacks

    If you don't want your fresh fruit to get spoiled, dehydrating them is a great way of preserving them. Dried fruit looks great hanging from a tree because it adds texture and color. These easy-to-make creations are a great addition to a Christmas tree.

Excerpted from A Greener Christmas

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